Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Twas the night before

It is the last night we will be parents of only two.  Tomorrow two new lives will be born into the world - I can't believe it.  I thought it would be appropriate to at least briefly reflect on life before everything chages (again).

This pregnancy has been tough on both of us.  Actually, looking backwards, it probably couldn't have gone much smoother, but even still it felt difficult.  The hardest part was definitely the bed rest, for both of us.  For Jen, it meant putting aside her typical get-it-done-always-on-the-run personality for hours and hours and laying on her side on the couch.  This sounds like a great deal, and probably is for about 3 days.  But 9 weeks of that is enough to drive a person crazy.  I'm really proud of her for holding it together for so long.

For me it was picking up lots of stuff around the house, and handling the kids more.  I will say this - family, friends, and church peoples saved our butts during this bed rest.  We had so many people come over and clean, cook, help with the kids, etc.  We got lots and lots of food.  There are too many individual people to name them all.

By this point we are both psyched for tomorrow.  I kind of feel like I'm at the top of the big hill on a rollercoaster, waiting with anticipation for the ride to start.  I know that God is faithful and he is going to help us rock this out!  Keep your eyes glued here for updates - pics and info to come tomorrow!

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Meredith said...

Super exciting! Hugs and lots of prayers