Saturday, January 7, 2012

I've got a loose tooth...

The other afternoon I'm resting calmly on the couch during naptime and Addie comes down and shows me she has a loose tooth. I may have slightly painicked because she's only four and a half years old. I *might* have asked all sorts of calm questions like,
"What did you do? Did you hit it? Did you fall into something? Did you put something in your mouth?" While trying not to freak out my darling girl, I did what every mother in this situation would do...I googled it. And then I called the dentist. Turns out, nothing to worry about. Kiddos between 4-7 can lose their first tooth. Those who got their teeth early (like A) tend to lose them earlier. So smiles and fairy dust, one week later the tooth came out. At first we didn't want a thing to do with said tooth fairy, but alas, we put the tooth under the pillow and tooth fairy delivered said coins. She made certain, in the last shot, to be sure I could see the "blood" in the tooth. Apparently that was slightly cooler than the tooth fairy.

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Chad and Sondra said...

Yikes! I am glad to learn this information from you, because at 10 months, Adam already has a mouthful of teeth! We'll probably be in the same boat! Congrats, Addie!