Monday, January 23, 2012

Coming Home!

So we've been home now for almost a week and things are going fairly well. I keep saying that I'm holding my breath because the girls are doing really well. I'm convinced that it's because, technically, they should still be in my belly and I'm certain around 40 weeks the game will change. They're sleeping lots and behaving and eating well. The nights aren't even too bad. yet. :) I'm at least grateful for this time while I finish recovering. That whole c-section was a different journey than I'm used to. But, we've had lots of visitors and lots of napping (thanks to my Mama) and we've tried to do some special things for Addie and Sam. I'm only slightly terrified that Mike has to go back to work on Friday. But I'm trying to enjoy our second week together. :) Here are some pics of our first week home with the Medved Six.


Quarter-lifer said...

OMG AMAZING pics!! wow they are so beautiful!!!! skype date tomorrow night?

Chad and Sondra said...

Love the pics! They are so adorable! So glad to hear the first week has gone well...although I credit it to awesome parenting skills! :)