Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Belly Buttons, Ounces, & Sippy Cups

Notable events of recent days:
1. Girls visited doctor today and both did some nice growing. They're almost up to birth weight, 5#11oz. and 5#14oz.
2. Umbilical cords fell off just in time for tomorrow's photo shoot. Phew. Those things are creepy gross.
3. While I was busy yesterday with the girls, Sam requested some water in his sippy cup. I unscrewed the lid and told him to fill it up in the sink in the bathroom. Apparently the sink is difficult to turn on. He tried to fill it up with potty water instead. Don't worry, I intervened just in time using my Mommy radar. Now we repeat this mantra: "we don't drink potty water. It's only for pee pee."

1 comment:

Steve & Megan said...

1) Yay Girlies!
2) Eli's fell off right before his photo shoot too!
3) Seriously, Sam kills me these days.