Monday, December 19, 2011


Today is our very happy 32 week point! Yay! I'm so excited/relieved to make it to this happy milestone. We finished up the babies' nursery yesterday. We kept most things the same except for the extra crib and a fancy new vinyl wall transfer of the tree and birdies. It was fun to do something new and special for the girls. We had to rearrange a little and move the glider to a new location. I even scored an extra glider from my friend Jenny for our master bedroom in case one baby is up and one is sleeping in the nursery. Our extra crib was a hand-me-down from a teacher-friend, Lara, at Bassett. I love how the new crib matches the rest of the furniture! We set a tentative c-section date for January 3rd! I'm hoping the girls stay put until then!

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Quarter-lifer said...

OMG the nursery looks absolutely beautiful!!! Great job!! gorgeous!