Monday, December 12, 2011

Kitchen Re-Work

So this summer we decided to make some minor changes in our kitchen to improve functionality and make room for one two more babies.  We started with a new door that slid instead of opened into the kitchen. We had to add some drywall and create a larger corner too. We added a giant floor to ceiling cupboard from IKEA:

We Our friend Mark cut some holes in this current section of our countertop and added a new drawer and a new cupboard door so you can actually see into the cupboard and remove things without the use of extendo arms and a flashlight.  It's fabulous.
So of course, all this meant I had to reorganize the pantry, new cupboard, new drawer, etc.  Here are some of those highlights.

 Check out this fancy contraption my mom found for me.  She knows I'm organized crazy and buys me early Christmas presents having to do with organization.  The drawers slide out.  Genius!  You can find it at your local Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  Below is the new IKEA inside...the top became Mike's new liquor cabinet kitchen storage area.  I put all my baking goods on that top shelf there to make room in the pantry for kid snacks and dinner prep stuff.  The less frequently used stuff went over here:
 I also want to mention that prior to this point I had NO drawers that were wider than 8 inches.  Which meant I was deprived of this:

Hello full sized silverware organizer.  I love you.

Credits: Huge thank yous to the brains behind the operation: my Mom and the super muscle power: Steve N. and the painting and IKEA install help: Steve A. The carpentry expertise: Mark.  Staining expertise: my mom.  It's sooooo nice to cook and live in our kitchen with these new fancy improvements.  Yay!

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Chad and Sondra said...

Love it love it love it!!! I'm your kind of crazy - organization makes me so happy! It all looks great!