Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grow Babies Grow!

My friends Lisa and Megan have adopted the mantra "Grow Babies Grow" after all these countless doctor's appointments.  Well the good news is...that they are!

Mike and I went to the specialist today and the girls did some great growing since our last visit.  They are 3 lbs. 8oz. and 3lbs. 13 oz!  Woo hoo!  And since they're bigger, the percentage difference went down to 8% variance...which is good because once they get to 10-20% variance people get nervous. 

The next few weeks mean more doc visits and nonstress tests to make sure babies are good and growing.  I've decided with 3 appointments a week, this bedrest thing will just speed right up. 

Thanks to you for your prayers, meals, well-wishes, visits, and slave labor.  And thanks to God, as always, for watching over our sweet baby girls and our family.

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Chad and Sondra said...

Hooray for growing baby girls!