Monday, December 5, 2011

30 Weeks are Here!

I am so grateful to have reached 30 weeks with the twins.  Thanks to the countless family and friends who are praying along with us that those little girls stay put a few more weeks!  :)

I had a test last week that indicated I *might* go into labor prematurely...although the odds are low 20-30% and the test is riddled with false positives.  Nonetheless we went and got two shots of steroids this weekend which will advance the girls' lungs about a week. 

I'll go for my next ultrasound on Thursday!  We're obviously praying things are holding strong with my body but we're also praying that the girls continue to grow at a safe rate.  If either girl gets too big, then they may have to induce labor also.  So those are our two prayers now, we'd be honored if you'd join us in them! 

Thanks! j

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Quarter-lifer said...

woop woop! 30 down!!! you go girls!!!!!