Saturday, November 12, 2011

Down for the count...

So, true story is that I'm officially on house arrest bed rest.  Last Monday I went to my lovely OB specialist doc and they measured the girls...who are looking fancy and getting bigger.  (2lbs, 4oz and 2lbs, 1oz)  I, unfortunately, have been walking around too much and lifting things and teaching 25 small children thus resulting in my body not measuring quite where it should to avoid preterm labor.  So, I had to stop working.  And never leave the house again for 8 weeks.  Actually almost 7 now.  ;) 

We're so fortunate to have such amazing family and friends around who are coming out like crazy to help.  They help transport kids to and from the babysitter so I can lay around all day on my side and do nothing.  They've helped clean, bring meals, build large piece of furniture, fix leaky basements, fold laundry, clean gutters, entertain children, help my poor overworked husband and more.  And that's just week one.  We're so grateful and blessed.

I've decided I'm kind of like an old lady looking forward to my next doctor's appointment when I can leave the house again.  But don't worry about me too much.  My mom got me 3 new pairs of pajama pants, I figured out how to scrapbook on my side, my sister sends me hilarious emails each day, and I've gotten two loads of books and movies already.  I'll keep you updated on my exciting days.  If nothing else, my blog will be totally updated.  And I did get out of parent-teacher conferences and I have plenty of sick days to cover my 8 weeks of house arrest.  So all in all, I think I'll be cool.   When does a Mom of 2 get to go back to bed each day til like 9 or's virtually like my sorority days.  ish. 

I told my Mom and Mike, I'm pretty sure by the time the twins arrive I'll be raring to go and be up and doing things around the house I won't even care that I'm exhausted or that I have two newborns to care for simultaneously.  I don't think they buy it.  But I kind of do.  51 more days is still a long time to go. 

Send me your boring email forwards and funny things to do while laying on your side.  I'm game.  :)

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