Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twin Update!

Apparently my scanner hates me...because I've been wanting to update the blog with my doctor visit from last week, including some stellar new ultrasound pics I got...but it's not working.  I'm sure it's operator error on my part and my poor darling husband has far more important things to do than fix it seeing as he's officially doing all the work at home while I grow two babies.  Seriously, like who has time to fix the scanner when he's so busy doing EVERYTHING else in our house.  He's amazing and I'm so lucky to have him on this adventure with me. 

So, the babies are doing great.  Last week (Tues) they were 1lb.4oz. and 1lb.5oz and looking lovelier than ever.  I'm 24 weeks now and the greatest shot of going into preterm labor with twins is between weeks 23-25, so I'm trying to take it real easy for the next two weeks and even taking off a day each week to try and ease things up.  I'm of course sick with a nasty cold that hasn't been too hard.  Mike and my Mom come to the rescue daily and are doing a ton to help me out.  We've had babysitting and meals from lots of friends and family and are praying that I can keep those babies inside until January.  If I can make it to 34 weeks we will be really excited.  That's only 10 weeks from now.  Let the countdown begin. 

And then maybe, I should figure out what to do with two newborns at once.  hmmm. 

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