Saturday, October 29, 2011

not fair

Not fair that my beer area has been replaced by ensure nutrition shakes. Just saying....
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Friday, October 28, 2011


Even four kids later, it's still hard to pitch the creepy ultrasound pics that don't make the scrapbook.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twin Update!

Apparently my scanner hates me...because I've been wanting to update the blog with my doctor visit from last week, including some stellar new ultrasound pics I got...but it's not working.  I'm sure it's operator error on my part and my poor darling husband has far more important things to do than fix it seeing as he's officially doing all the work at home while I grow two babies.  Seriously, like who has time to fix the scanner when he's so busy doing EVERYTHING else in our house.  He's amazing and I'm so lucky to have him on this adventure with me. 

So, the babies are doing great.  Last week (Tues) they were 1lb.4oz. and 1lb.5oz and looking lovelier than ever.  I'm 24 weeks now and the greatest shot of going into preterm labor with twins is between weeks 23-25, so I'm trying to take it real easy for the next two weeks and even taking off a day each week to try and ease things up.  I'm of course sick with a nasty cold that hasn't been too hard.  Mike and my Mom come to the rescue daily and are doing a ton to help me out.  We've had babysitting and meals from lots of friends and family and are praying that I can keep those babies inside until January.  If I can make it to 34 weeks we will be really excited.  That's only 10 weeks from now.  Let the countdown begin. 

And then maybe, I should figure out what to do with two newborns at once.  hmmm. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Just so you know, today I'm craving:
1. donuts
2. a Bspot Shroomage burger (it's Michael Symon's restaurant in our hometown and it is aMAZing )  The shroomage burger has a huge portabella mushroom and blue cheese on it. 

Luckily, today is National Cookie Day.  Max and Erma's in Westlake delivered free cookies to our school in honor of it.  Let's say I might have eaten three.  One for each of us!  :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Twin Kit...

So my sister and her hubby are totally fun and thoughtful and gave us this twin kit last weekend.  Hilarious.  Check it out:
Hilarious.  We loved it.  and them.  :)

And the twins are....

Just in case you haven't heard our happy news...
girls.  times 2.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Towpath Marathon Race Report

Today I ran my first full marathon.  26.2 miles of goodness... well, ok 22.5 miles of goodness, but we'll get to that later.

It was a perfect day.... perfect.  The trees have just done the magical turn to autumn thing, so the run was full of awesome oranges, reds, browns, and yellows.  The trail was really great... lots of great views of the river, running underneath the train tracks (tunnels), on boardwalks that crossed over a pretty marsh, etc.  Temperature was a little chilly to start, say 57ish, and at mile three I had the strange sensation of having my arms be really cold and yet sweating at the same time.  By the time we were 6 or 7 miles in, the temps were in the mid 60s... perfecto.

Really, the first 15 miles of the race felt great.  I experienced some troubling knee pain early on that was quelled with two ibuprofens from our fan club.  Speaking of our fan club, they were so awesome!  We saw them at mile 3.5, 6.5, someplace in the woods, mile 11, and 21/22.  Every time Jen, Addie, Sam, Shell, Mom, Kelly, Lynn and Jerry screamed their heads off for us (and others), it gave us a little boost and had me looking forward to the next fan club stop.  There was even an appearance by Steve & Megan Abel, which totally pumped me up.

So like I said, the first 15-16 miles actually went by very quickly.  It stopped being a pleasure cruise after that and took a little bit of concentration and work.  We had kept our pace to pretty solidly averaging around 8:40 (some faster, some slower), and it felt fine.  Then, around 17, we dropped the pace to lower 8s, say 8:10-8:20, which it turns out was a bit of a mistake.  Steve hit the wall around mile 18 and dropped back for a few minutes, but caught up like a champ before we hit the 21 fan club site.

Things started falling apart for me around 23.5.  Every muscle in  my body was revolting against the task at hand.  I had to pray almost continuously from here to the end of the race and my pace dropped considerably, to mid 9s and even one 10 minute.  It didn't hurt my overall pace that badly, but it was a little disappointing.  Probably if I would've not gone as hard as I did, and maybe took a couple more walking breaks (we only took 3 during the race), it might not have fallen apart so badly.  I can't tell you how hard this was for me - finishing this race was easily the hardest thing I've ever done.  Steve did brilliantly and beat me in by 2-3 minutes.

I know that I can't ever fully understand the craziness that is birthing a child, but if I could have an analogous experience, it would have to be this.  I wanted to quit so badly, had to do a 30 second walk, and was looking at my watch almost continuously.   Seriously... one foot, then another, then another was basically all I could think of for three miles.

My body hates me right now.  And I hate it.  Except I love it for getting us through that ordeal.

Plus, I got a BSpot feast afterwards.  Pics at the end (start the slideshow over, it has been playing while you've been reading this).

Official time from hermes website:
138 Steve Niemira 3:47:39.70 8:41/M
150 Mike Medved 3:49:47.12 8:46/M

Friday, October 7, 2011

Orchard trip....

We hit the orchard early this year to make sure my big belly allowed for some apple picking. ;) I didn't have to carry any big buckets...that was nice! Mike's family joined us too. We have yet to make pies, but soon, I hope.

Makes you smile...

A dear friend of ours got married a few weekends ago and we were so honored to be there for his big day. Mark and Amy's wedding was beautiful. (seriously, what a good-looking couple...) We've known Mark for almost five years now and know that Amy is so fortunate to marry such a great guy! We love you Mark!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Addie's new preschool is out in Westlake closer to me and her new babysitter. So far we've been really impressed and Addie seems to enjoy it. Here are some shots from her first week.

Clam Bake!

Except on Spectacular years like last year when Michelle got married, my Dad puts on a yummy clambake with some of his buddies. Here are a few highlights, including some shots of us sharing our 'big news' with family and friends.

Also, be sure to note my sister's stellar cupcakes and my brother-in-law Steve's witty gesture he made with his clams. ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kevin's Wedding!

At the beginning of September, we traveled to gorgeous Sarasota, Florida for my cousin Kevin's wedding. The beach wedding was gorgeous, as was the happy couple. We loved the time we spent together as a family.