Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ready, Set, Go...

So in the last week, I....
  • went to 2 wedding showers
  • attending a dear coworker's wedding
  • went to a baby shower of my favorite soon-to-be Mama friend
  • planned all the activities in first grade for 10 days
  • visited 2 teacher stores
  • went to a farm
  • got my hair cut and highlighted
  • tutored a little girl
  • paid for 3 pony rides
  • went to the county fair
  • took Addie to the dentist (not her fav)
  • started (ugh) my classroom (thank God for my Mom!)
  • visited the dr. myself
  • visited a new church (impressed)
  • went to Target like 16 times (I lose count)
  • made Mike go to Target too
  • obsessively read my new favorite book series, The Hunger Games
  • talked to my dear sis on the phone
  • crazily read teacher blogs to get psyched for school
  • started preparing for my super fun girls' weekend on Thursday. (ahhh!)
No wonder I'm so sleepy today. Good thing we have no plans tonight. Something tells me the teacher work I have to do won't wait much longer

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