Monday, August 15, 2011

Book 1 Done

So I've been pretty obsessed reading a new book that someone recommended called The Hunger Games. It's a series of three books. They take place in the future and the United States has been reduced to dictatorship. Most of the country lives in twelve impoverished districts while those in the Capitol live comfortable, futuristic lives. To assert their power each year, the Capitol hosts a huge sporting event called The Hunger Games. Children between the ages of 12-18 and randomly entered into a lottery, 24 are selected, and then shipped off to huge "arena" where they fight to the death until only one remains. It sounds horrible, and it is, but the book was fantastic and crazy addictive. It's nothing like Harry Potter or the Twilight series, but it read just as well.

I'm currently deciding who to make read it. Mike's already on deck. Then I'll probably make Megan read it, and then Kellly. Maybe you'll be next. I'm on to book 2. Luckily I have lots of airport/flight time to start book two on my girls' weekend. Why didn't I start this in the beginning of the summer when my job wouldn't be getting in the way of my reading?

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Steve & Megan said...

Booyah. I'm totally ready!