Friday, July 8, 2011

Read aloud...

So Addie's been "reading" her books to Sam lately which makes a dorky first grade teacher Mom more excited than Christmas. But nonetheless...I had to share this one with you. Normally she's really confident and remembers the content of the book or makes it up. But apparently Sam's Trucks book threw her for a loop. Here goes...

A: This is a (pauses to look at me, I fill in the name of said vehicle, in this case, cement mixer). cement mixer. It has lots of sidewalks in it.

S: yeah.

A: This is a (tow truck). It can carry everything. Even the people in the jail.

S: yeah.

Errr....apparently we have some work to do with vehicles. Actually, I'm learning far more truck terminology than is ever necessary. Sam and I know the difference between a big rig and sleeper cab. Right.

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