Monday, July 18, 2011

Potter Time...

So if you've never been to a midnight premier of a movie, you should try one! They're totally fun and everyone is in to the movie, and dressing up and everything. Sure we had to wait for like 5 hours, but as I told my sister, when do I ever have to sit around for 5 hours and chit chat? It was actually pure bliss. :)

My friend Megan coordinated the whole event and I'm so thankful I decided to join her on her Harry Potter midnight movie quest. The movie was great, of course...not as good as the book, but thoroughly enjoyable. Sara came too. She went to the last midnight premiere and had plenty of tips for me of how to get out of the way for the stampede, etc.

Did I mention my favorite costume was this guy dressed up a snitch who came running through the theater followed by a Harry Potter look-alike? Super clever. Sure I ate far too many Dots, Snicker Bars, and peanut M&M's, but who cares, right? You only get to pretend you're a teenager on rare occasions, right?

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