Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Girl...

So with all these crazy birthdays and weekend plans my poor girl turned 4 without mention of a blog post. Truth be told, I did make one with a pic from each of her birthdays since birth...which was mega-cute, but then the download crashed. On principal, I'm too mad to redo it. So here are some pics from her big day. She turned the big 4 and got her own "big girl bike." There's even a shot of Mike putting it together. :) As a sidenote, if Uncle Phil ever shows up to your child's NOT put him in charge of distributing cake and ice cream to the children. He apparently likes children on sugar-highs.

Happy birthday sweet girl. So glad God has blessed us with you these last 4 years.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife!

31. Unbelievable. In one short hour, you join me in the year beyond thirty. Somehow, I am unphased and I'm pretty sure you will be too. You've got way less gray hair than I do - which I now painfully know since I got a haircut.

What a great year we've had already, and it is only half way done. You're the best... you've been a busy little beaver the last couple of days and I really appreciate it. Here is to Jen!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Bday!

Today is my darling hubby's birthday and I just have to say he is looking better than ever. I guess that happens when you train for a marathon. Sure we're now really in our "thirties," but 31 isn't looking too shabby. Love u.

Monday, July 25, 2011

15 miles

Longest run I've ever done... Steve and I ran down in Cinnci this weekend. It was hot. I've never been so sweaty in my entire life. But we got the 15 miles down, in a time I'm happy with.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ken is living behind our chair...

For Addie's birthday (more pics to come...) Elaine got her this really fabulous Ken doll for her Barbies. She doesn't have any Ken dolls, only Barbies and princesses so this was a thoughtful addition to her collection. But for some reason, she's totally annoyed by it. She declares "ewww" every time she sees it...despite my comparisons: "Ken is like Barbie's prince. She's like a friend that's a boy like Omar and Adam across the street. You have princes for your princess castle and you like them?!?"

Nothing's working. Addie put Ken behind the chair in our living room. Apparently that's his home for awhile. I've got nothing...

July 4th...

July 4th is quickly becoming a favorite holiday of ours. Clearly too much food, lots of picnics, swimming, and seeing our cutie pie fall in love with fireworks. So cute...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Potter Time...

So if you've never been to a midnight premier of a movie, you should try one! They're totally fun and everyone is in to the movie, and dressing up and everything. Sure we had to wait for like 5 hours, but as I told my sister, when do I ever have to sit around for 5 hours and chit chat? It was actually pure bliss. :)

My friend Megan coordinated the whole event and I'm so thankful I decided to join her on her Harry Potter midnight movie quest. The movie was great, of course...not as good as the book, but thoroughly enjoyable. Sara came too. She went to the last midnight premiere and had plenty of tips for me of how to get out of the way for the stampede, etc.

Did I mention my favorite costume was this guy dressed up a snitch who came running through the theater followed by a Harry Potter look-alike? Super clever. Sure I ate far too many Dots, Snicker Bars, and peanut M&M's, but who cares, right? You only get to pretend you're a teenager on rare occasions, right?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

did I mention?

Did I mention I have a ticket in my possession for the midnight screening of the last harry potter movie tonight? I'm really actually excited and slightly nervous that I won't be able to stay awake. I'll let u know how it goes...
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Friday, July 8, 2011

why is it that...

A plastic slide in the pool increases the fun exponentially?
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Read aloud...

So Addie's been "reading" her books to Sam lately which makes a dorky first grade teacher Mom more excited than Christmas. But nonetheless...I had to share this one with you. Normally she's really confident and remembers the content of the book or makes it up. But apparently Sam's Trucks book threw her for a loop. Here goes...

A: This is a (pauses to look at me, I fill in the name of said vehicle, in this case, cement mixer). cement mixer. It has lots of sidewalks in it.

S: yeah.

A: This is a (tow truck). It can carry everything. Even the people in the jail.

S: yeah.

Errr....apparently we have some work to do with vehicles. Actually, I'm learning far more truck terminology than is ever necessary. Sam and I know the difference between a big rig and sleeper cab. Right.


Sam has been feeding magnetic numbers to the printer. Luckily I found them when I went to add more paper into the tray. Apparently, the printer enjoys the numbers 5 and 9.