Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Math Lesson....

Pretend you're in my first grade class.

Pretend it's math time.

Pretend I'm launching a lesson about adding multiples and counting by 2's.

Suppose I say, "Boys and Girls, what are some things in our world that come in 2's....??"

Students reply things like:

Pretend a naughty boy raises his hand and says,


and I say, "You said boots, right?"

and he says, "No I said boobs. You know, boobs."

Pretend you're me turning your back on the students and writing "boots" on the board without laughing, smirking, or even getting mad but calmly replying,
"I'm sure you meant boots because anything besides that wouldn't be appropriate."

19 days left.
But who's counting?

1 comment:

Chad and Sondra said...

Love it love it love it! Hilarious. You know, you might just be the best 1st grade teacher ever. Good quick thinking and reaction! Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to think so fast on my feet...