Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dinosaur Princesses

Having a son and a daughter means your husband plays games like dinosaur princesses. It's hilarious, totally unlike anything he or I played as a child since we both had same-sex siblings. I love it. It's cracks me up and this is only the beginning...

New Skills

Phew...I think Addie might have cabin fever or something because she was SASSy this weekend. In attempts to float comfortable into happy Mommy dreamy-time, I thought I'd put my efforts in a lighthearted cute blog post about our darling daughter.

This is actually pretty awesome to see. For years, in college and in education we've talked about developmental drawings. First kids draw circles, then a head with arms and legs, then a body, etc....And here's Addie's! Yay! I'm semi bummed it was with bath crayons because I can't scrap the literal drawing, but the camera captured it. 2 eyes, a nose, mouth, 2 legs, and 2 arms. Mike and I gritted our teeth and asked her what that third line on the bottom was (this is a drawing of DADDY after all). Don't worry. It's just his neck. ;) So proud...

Friday, January 28, 2011


Well, it's literally 3 days until we meet our new nephew (our first nephew, for the record!). It's so close....we're so excited. Addie prays for the baby at every meal and bedtime. We know he will be desperately loved! We can't wait...


So in the midst of all the winter doldrums, I decided to quench my crafty thirst. I've been up to some exciting new projects. I'd like to do more. It's a good thing I work, otherwise Mike would come home to ribbon and glue guns more often. Every now and then, though, I just have to put my craftiness to work. Note I didn't say "artsy-ness." There's a difference. My sister is artsy. Our friend Erin makes things out of clay. That's artsy. My sister-in-law Emily can't paint (and I mean more than faux painting walls....we're talking canvas and everything.) I'm just crafty. But I'm okay with that. Maybe someday I'll rise to the illustrious status of artsy. Today I'm okay connecting with my inner Martha.

Cheapo plastic basket super cute with ribbon woven through...

Hairclips organized by color...

Fun new flower hair clippies...

Monday, January 24, 2011

.5 pack

I don't know if you know, but I'm training for a half marathon. I've been running 4 days a week (10 miles each of the last two Saturdays) and I'm feeling pretty good.

I've also been doing the Ab Destroyer with my wife. I call it the Ab Destroyer because it sounds better than "Betsy's Cardio-Ab Crunch Workout!" Ab Destroyer just sounds more star-warsish. Anyways, today I think I saw a muscle in my abdomen, below my ribcage on one side at least. It is a .5 pack. I think that is the first time I've seen something that might be able to maybe be termed an abdominal muscle since high school.

BTW, I think I need the fully clothed Ab Destroyer, where the women doing the work out aren't half naked. Does this exist? If so, can I Netflix instant it?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Boo boo

I earned my Mommy badge this week. It was scary and traumatic and that's just for Mommy. Sammy had a good old spill this week at the babysitters. She called Mike and he called me and we met at the ER. ERs are scary enough when your 20 month old is NOT involved. Throw in your sweet baby boy and they are pure terror.

Sam sliced his upper lip open and had to be sedated and got 2 stitches. The Fairview Pediatric ER was amazing. They were so kid-friendly and accommodating. They did a great job stitching him up, according to our pediatrician. They had to put an IV in his little hand and while they were doing it, there was no crying or fighting he just said...

"Uh oh....uh oh!"

The one doctor did lack a bit of bedside manner...he mentioned that some scarring can appear "as nothing or as grotesque." Who tells someone that?!? I thought I was going to pass out. I was ripping off my coat and sweater in hopes of not passing out or throwing up. But we all survived. Sammy clearly handled it better than Mommy or Daddy.

Here's hoping for 3.5 more years before our next ER trip. :)


Getting them taken out was worse than put in, esp. when they don't use any nice drugs. I (Mike) had to hold Sam down while they dislodged the offending stitches from his mouth. Boy did he cry!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Slight Miscalculation

I was taking Sam up to get the bath procedure started when I smelled something stinky going on in his bootay. I quickly remembered his red-faced dinner grunts and knew that I was going to have some poop to take care of. I got his diaper off and was surprised to see only one little turdlet, so I took care of business and let him run around nakey while I got some water ready for the bath.

Side note - I think it is important for kids to run around naked from time to time. Get some air down there, ya know what I mean? You want them to be comfortable with their bodies and stuff, right?

Suddenly I'm shocked out of my musings to hear Jen yelling something about Sam, squatting, poop, etc... so I run to his room to find the rest of the turdlets all over the floor. Apparently he wasn't done going. And a nice little pee spot to boot!

I got on my biohazard suit (large clump of paper towels), cleaning agents, and the dirt suction device and got to work cleaning up the mess. Oh well, all in a nights work!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


We took the kids sledding today for the first time at the hill around the corner from the Ponstingles. It was totally awesome. Granted, they only lasted 6 or so times down the hill, but it was cold. Smiles and fun all around, and Addie scored some hot chocolate at Nana's after the outing!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Whale Kit

In case you didn't know, Jen and I are going to Maui in a couple of months. More on that in a future post. This Christmas, we did a gift exchange with Jen's Mom's side of the family. For said exchange, I requested a gift card for a whale watching trip while we are Maui (trying to help with costs, every little bit helps, right?) I got more than I bargained for... a whole whale watching kit. Kudos to the Dobberfuhl's for the fun gift - anyone in a gift exchange should take note, this made the present much more than a "I give you a gift card, you give me a gift card" present!


Pretty sure Jen looks kind of like a man in the picture... maybe she's just got bigger guns than I realized?