Sunday, October 24, 2010


mike: (annoyed) Addie, where have your manners gone today?

addie: Way up high in the sky.


Ahhhh...there are few things in life more beautiful than a good wedding. Multiple that times the fact that the bride is my gorgeous sister and you have the recipe for one amazing weekend. I love you Shell and Steve...congrats on an amazing wedding...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm pretty sure...

I'm pretty sure that the fitting room in a store is a mother's worst nightmare. You know the drill...I'm fully aware that trying on clothes with my two children is a bad idea, yet this _____ is super cute and I just have to have it but I'm not sure on the size. It will only take a minute, we'll just duck into the fitting room and...

First off, those things echo like mad and kids can feel the echo-ability before I even get undressed. Next thing I know they're both whooping and making loud noises because they can and it sounds cool.

Secondly, there are 16 mirrors in those things and despite the fact that we've never been to a funhouse, it's clearly as if we go every Friday. They're making faces and running between mirrors. I even caught them kissing the mirror once. That is disgusting on so many levels.

By now I'm nearly naked and bolting is NOT an option. I'm quickly shoving on the new _____ to ensure that it's the correct size and getting all twisted in it and am thinking, they must pipe laughing gas into this place.

No joke as soon as we emerge (me disheveled, the kids looking like they just spent an afternoon at Chuckie Cheese...) they calm down and we're on our way. It's bizarre. It can't just be my kids, right?

The irony is, I bought that dress today thinking, "I didn't really get a great look at it. I can always return it if it doesn't look good at home."

Chuckle, chuckle. When will I be able to shop like a human being again?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Wedding II

Ahhhh...don't you love a beautiful bride? My cousin Laura got married at the end of September to her beau, Brent. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Monday, October 11, 2010


So we all know that Mike's a runner. Beside that, he's not actually all that into sports. (read: not at all) Except now.

He's a golfer.

Elaine got him some lessons.

He's had one.

He's golfed three times now.

He's reading a golfing instruction book right now.

Apparently, he's informed me, I need to buy him some golfing equipment soon.
Like maybe a hat. Or shoes.

If he starts watching Sunday football, I'm not sure what I'll do!


So Michelle's big day is less than 2 weeks away. I had this hilarious dream last night. It went like this:
me: So why exactly are we at the church at 9:30am if the wedding isn't until 3:30.
shell: I didn't want to be late.
shell: I'm hungry.
me: great...listen, I have this great idea for some light sandwiches. I'll just run over to Heinens.
shell: let's walk across the parking lot in my wedding dress.
me: um, okay.
shell: so I think we should get fried bologna sandwiches
me:'re basically a vegetarian. what? I don't think that's a good "calm wedding day lunch."
me: okay. It's your day.

Friday, October 8, 2010


'Tis the season for weddings. Here's our first wedding of the fall...our favorite doctor/nurse couple on their wedding day. The reception was in the dinosaur hall at the Natural History Museum. Don & Rachel both looked gorgeous and we danced the night away! It was a blast!