Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red Eyes...

Ah yes...home sweet home...
We had a wonderful time in Portland. Pics to come soon once I upload them. I know I've left you hanging about the return flight. Here's the highlights:
  • Children sleep the whole time (seriously!!!!)
  • It was amazing. almost.
  • Sam woke up about 6 times screaming bloody murder but we were usually able to get him back to sleep. Except that one time when we woke up half the plane.
  • Mike and I slept a combined total of maybe 70 minutes while sitting as still as possible for fear that one slight muscle twitch might wake up our children.
  • We were exhausted but would absolutely take the redeye again if we ever fly across the continent again with 2 children under the age of 3. (chances of that: zero)
Here's to redeyes and our red eyes...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flight Highlights

We're currently in Portland, Oregon to vacation with Mike's Dad and his siblings out here! We're having a great time (despite the fact the children's wake-up time has been 4am, 5am, and 6am each day (ugh!...darn you Pacific timezone). Many of you knew I was nervous (read: terrified) about the 5 hour flight to Seattle. Here are a few highlights:
  • Addie loved the airplane (I wish we had video)..."Mommy we're up in the sky, we're up in the sky like a's tickling my belly!"
  • She refused to use the airplane bathroom because it's scary (on some level, she's right...) but held it all the way until we deplaned and used the airport bathroom
  • Sam had 3 major meltdowns (screaming and all...) during hours 2 & 3 during the flight. One time, Mike was holding Sam and this lady gave him a dirty look...he gave her one back.
  • Some ridiculous lady in front of us informed us that Sam must have an ear infection if he was crying like that...(thanks lady...I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he's tired and can't lay down anywhere.)
  • I stood with Sam in the back stewardess area for a good 20 minutes
  • Mike takes Sam in the bathroom and calms him down...only to flush the toilet and freak him out again
  • Addie watched a gazillion movies on our DVD player we just $70 we've ever spent
  • Addie loved her airplane presents...the biggest hit was a travel LightBright
  • Finally at hour 4, Sam falls asleep for an hour or so
  • We fed addie 4 suckers (yes 4...and I don't even care)
  • We somehow balanced a breakfast of bananas and cereal with 4 people in 3 seats.
  • We landed in Seattle and breathed a huge sigh of relief....
The scariest thing is that we have a return flight on Monday...and it's a redeye. Perfect...

Blog Pressure...

I love blogs...I love my own...but I love reading other people's even more. It's my favorite way to keep up with friends near and far. My friend Sondra pressured us into starting a blog and then we made my sister start a blog. We're working on Mike's brother and his wife too! Add one more to the list...this new blog is by a new amazing couple we met this winter named Megan and Steve. Here's the site or click to the link on the right:


Friday, June 18, 2010

Aisle 6

I love shopping with my's so calm and relaxing ("don't touch that, put that down, sit down in the yelling in the we can't buy a pretzel in Target!").

One thing I do love is senior citizens and how they oogle at my kids...(except for that mean lady in Arby's who yelled at Sam). Here's the funny thing though...they all have the same joke:

Me: (minding my own business...)
Grandma or Grandpa: "Hey there..." (motioning to my kids...)
Me: (smile)
Grandma or Grandpa: "What aisle can I buy those in?" Ahhahhahahah....
Me: (chuckle) "Aisle 6"

No least 1 in every 6 stores I enter I hear that joke. Especially if they're in a shopping cart. They think the joke is even funnier then...

I guess it is... least they're not yelling...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ciao Bella....

Way back in once-upon-a-college time, I had this amazing friend named Annie. She was in our wedding, a sorority all around amazing girl. She's been living in Europe fulltime since January and her blog is really cute...a good read if you have some time... Or click on the link to the right: ABay takes Europe

Annie meets Addie...2007

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cucumber Head

Addie, being super outgoing, always makes us laugh (and frequently yell) at her antics. Our little guy Sam is slowly displaying his little sense of humor. Here's my new favorite pic:

Did I mention he also daily practices his headstands? Or yoga?

Love you my funny boy...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome summer!

Welcome to a teacher's favorite time of the year. ;) Actually I had a great year. I loved first grade and all my kiddos this year. Even the funny ones. Here are a few shots from the start of summer! Trains, swimming, cookouts, and more....

LOST finale...

So in case you missed it, Mike and I are/were huge LOST fans. We have loved the show for 6 glorious years. We even had a lost finale party:

You'll note there's a few disgruntled pics of Mike on the phone. That's because in all the world, one small pocket of Cleveland, Ohio had digital interruption and totally ruined the finale. Our friend, Pat & Leah came up from Louisville to watch with us. (grrr...) The signal was all blippy and the audio cut in and out. It was quite ironic seeing as it's quite possibly our most favorite show ever. Luckily we saw it through the blips (some people couldn't watch at all) and they replayed it a week later. It kind of made us laugh and cry and get super mad. Farewell LOST...we loved you...even with your crazy finale!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zoo field trip

So my colleagues and I took our 86 first graders to the zoo this week. It was hilarious (as is everyday in first grade...) Here are the highlights:
  • one last minute call to a parent to bring up an iron because my colleague was one shirt short for the trip
  • one teacher forgets lunch
  • birds start mating and Mrs. Medved suggest they're giving "piggy back rides"
  • one child vomits prior to the bus leaving
  • one child gets sick on the trip and has to go home mid-zoo
  • our entire class gets soaked in a 5 minute monsoon
  • one child pees pants on the way home
  • one of the teachers gets stuck in the monkey building waiting for the tram and is 10 minutes late to the bus
  • lion actually roars
  • giraffe eats right near class and displays his 12 inch black tongue
  • we all return home safely (and late and wet) and students decide the rain was the best part

I think next year we might go to the park.


In the time it took me to bring in the 300 bags from the car today (okay so like 4...) Addie had time to construct a quick art project using the glue stick and hearts we had cut previously. She's becoming quite the arteest and a pro with the glue stick. Her project would have been cute and totally photo worthy had it not been glued to a leather coaster.