Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Princess Breakfast

Clearly, the best thing about having a little girl than attending super girly events. This weekend, Addie and I attended a Mother/Daughter Princess breakfast. It was done by a local youth theater. The Fairy Godmother passed out chocolates and a wand (heaven?) and then the princess performed a little show. The breakfast was yummy but the photo ops were totally Addie's favorite part...


We decided to do some group bonding. (We've added 3 new couples to our bible study recently!) Instead of trust falls we decided to play a game of whirylball. Whirylball, you ask?

Imagine you're in a bumper car, without a steering wheel...and you're armed with a foot-long plastic scoop. Your objective? hit the backboard with a wiffleball one way or another. Ramming your opponents? absolutely....passing to your team? Not quite so easy...

You might think this sounds easy...let us tell will end up with a sweaty shirt when you're done. (at least mike will...)

Good thing the Winking Lizard can cure your thirst and nurse your bruised ego...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Grade....

Things I did/will do in first grade during the next 7 days:

1. take away child's toy
2. remind said child that he is not a dog and should not growl at his teacher
3. remind same child that he is not a baby and should walk around room, instead of crawling
4. take away recess and send child to office
5. prepare Mother's Day gifts for 23 darlings. Wrap 23 gifts.
6. make large mural of rainforest, jungle headbands, & butterfly puppets
7. collect spare change to buy acres of rainforest in columbia with class
8. get ready for grandparents' day with songs, poems, plays, and grandparent bingo
9. order and sign for live caterpillars that will arrive in the mail on Thursday and change into butterflies in about 14-21 days unless I mess it up and they all die
10. go back to school for two nights of fun
11. fall in bed exhausted

Thank goodness I only have 24 days of school left....but who's counting...