Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Book Recommendation...

(Jen here...)
So I just finished reading a great book entitled Blue Like Playdoh (a take off on D. Miller's Blue Like Jazz...another one of my favs). The book is subtitled "the shape of motherhood in the grip of God." It was a really honest read about being a mom and all that God aims to teach us through that experience. It's funny and easy and totally accessible. I laughed a bunch and learned a lot. I think you'll love it. So to all my friends who are Mommies or soon-to-be Mommies...a must read! :)

First Grade Schedule

Things I did this week in first grade:
1. made paperbag leprechaun puppets
2. painted a giant sun
3. hosted the "line dancing room" in family game night and did the chicken dance and electric slide all night long

Next week...
1. Grow grass
2. Cook marshmallows using the sun
3. Set up St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt
4. Make green ice cubes

I love my job. :)

Engagement Par-tay

Mike and I spend a lovely (thanks Elaine!) Saturday and Sunday in Columbus to attend Michelle's engagement party! It was super fun...we loved meeting the rest of the wedding party and some of Steve's friends. The theme was Hawaiian (of course) and we loved our time at Whitney's house. Bring on the wedding fun!