Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sew Happy...

So my amazing husband bought me this cute sewing machine for Christmas:

You probably think it's for sewing cool clothes for my kids or decor for my house like my crafty friend Alison does, right?'s strictly for sewing on my scrapbooking pages like this:

and this:

Because Mike adores me and lovingly accommodates my crafty whims. Like die cut machines called Cricuts and now, sewing machines. I'm officially in love. (with Mike....okay, and my new sewing machine) Did I mention it can do 8 different stitches and last night I sewed right over top of two photographs? The machine didn't even hiccup. Mike researched the best one to buy for crazy people like me. Sigh...isn't he wonderful?

So, if you happen to be crafty like me and need a sewing machine for your scrapbook pages, just ask Mike. He'll hook you up. I'm so excited...maybe I'll even actually sew fabric someday...


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We had a lovely Christmas! Addie was really into Santa and presents (of course...) and Sam even opened most of his gifts too. Santa arrived with the highly-anticipated princess camera. Addie has been dying for this princess camera she saw at Walmart for 2.98. No joke. Never will Santa have to spend so little. :) We of course saw our fair share of local light displays and enjoyed our time with families. We have a few fun stories, which I'm sure will be relayed in later posts...but for now, some pics to tide you over...

Hope your Christmas was great too!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


me: Addie, do you think those are Santa's reindeer over there? (our Metroparks have crazy amounts of deer)

Addie: Um....let me see. No...they don't have shiny noses.

me: hmph...okay.

Addie: Mom, will you tell me if you see any with shiny noses?

me: of course I will.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


"Mom, I think I'm gonna ask Santa for a dog."

"Addie, we have two cats. Daddy and I like cats, remember?"

"They need a friend."

"I don't thing we're going to get a dog."

"What about just a small one."

"Nope. Santa knows we have two cats. We like cats at our house."

hmmm...this whole Santa thing may get a bit tricky as the years go on...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Digital Christmas

Ripped off from Andy's blog... very funny.

Agents of Joy...

This month at church we've been talking all about JOY! God's true gift of Christmas is the everlasting JOY we receive through Him. Not necessarily happiness based on circumstances, but joy based on our spiritual understanding of who Jesus was and why he came to Earth! We were challenged to become agents of joy this holiday season. Our friend Megan, is truly an agent of joy! She organized this project for our community group and we made these cool packages to send to an orphanage this holiday season. She researched charities, collected money, bought the supplies and is mailing the finished packages. She's an agent of joy and we're so blessed to have her in our group! (She's the one in that cool tye-die shirt...)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


So at age'd think Addie's favorite carol would be "Jingle Bells" or "Up on the Housetop." She does enjoy those, for sure...but she's also loves "Silent Night" and "Oh, Holy Night." I have to sing them to her each night and when she hears them on the radio she says, "Oh I love this song." Problem is I don't know all the lyrics to "Oh, Holy Night." I know the first three lines and the refrain. So I figured I'd do some google research. And why not teach my blog friends too. Just in case you're stuck somewhere this holiday season with Addie and she requests "Oh Holy Night." You'll be ready.

O Holy Night! The stars are brightly shining,
It is the night of the dear Saviour's birth.
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
Till He appeared and the Spirit felt its worth.
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.
Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices!
O night divine, the night when Christ was born;
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!
O night, O Holy Night , O night divine!

Not bad lyrics, eh? Pretty poignant for this holiday season. Merry Christmas!


Mike was the fourth, and last unfortunate victim of our family's stomach virus. It appears all that vomit duty did him in. It did all of us in. Tonight, my bottle of lysol and I are on duty. We will be disinfecting the house. Hopefully we didn't infect you. If we did, we apologize from the bottoms of our empty, slightly-nauseated stomachs...I mean hearts...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Barfmaster General

It would seem that vomit is my destiny this Christmas season. I can't decide which is the worse down side to being a parent - sleep deprivation or vomit clean up duties.

Tuesday night Sam thwacked his head on a wall and then an hour later barfed all over his crib, while our Bible study group was over of course. We dutifully cleaned it up, bathed him, and got him to bed.

Last night, after a 30 minute poop fight (where I try to guilt Addie into pooping on the pottie instead of in her pants), which I lost, Addie proceeded to yak all over her bed. The older kids get, the worse their vomit is. There was all kinds of nasty stuff in there... so I repeated the Tuesday routine. This time however, I borrowed a trick from Peggy and put some vics vapo-rub under my nose, like a coroner on CSI. It actually worked very well.

Today I'm home with the kids for the morning, and Jen is coming home at noon. I walked into the den and there was a nice pile of cat vomit with a huge hairball in the middle.

**Update** Cleaned a second pile of cat vomit an hour later. Barf is my destiny.

Merry Christmas!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Artsy Eye...

I've said it before...that a good photographer is worth their weight in gold. Goodbye bad JCPenney's photostudio Christmas experiences. Hello...amazing...

Two new photographer and one old favorite...I think they're both pretty talented. It doesn't help our kids are 17x more gorgeous than their parents...

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Normally, between my children and my first graders, I have plenty ridiculous quotes to relay from my own life...but this one was too good not to post...

My dear friend Jenny teaches first grade with me (she's the best teacher I know, btw...) and she said that her daughter told her this last night...

"Mommy, you do a lot of work around here...

...and you don't get many playdates either."

Wise beyond her years, that girl...Santa better be good to all those mommies out there...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's a bad sign...

It's a bad sign when you pull out two Christmas trees to quench your Christmas decorating thirst until next weekend and neither actually light up when you plug them in.


Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am finally getting back on the bloggging train. It seems the entire fall was a blur between our fantastic siblings moving and getting married. Here are some (clearly delayed) Halloween pics of our kiddos. If it's any consolation my scrapbooking is way behind too! ;)

According to First Graders

These are the things you should definitely pack if you were traveling on the Mayflower:
1. food
2. clothing
3. a Snuggie ("Mrs. Medved, they cover way more than a blanket.")
4. a Shirley Temple (it tastes better than water)
5. a vomit box (that ship looks pretty rocky)

Just in case you were wondering...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


My Mom told me about a conversation she had yesterday with Addie in the car after preschool:

Addie: Nana, when I get married, I'm gonna get married in your church like Aunt Shell.
Nana: Okay...when, exactly, are you planning to get married?
Addie: next week...
Nana: Wow! Who are you marrying?
Addie: Daddy
Nana: But...Daddy's already married to Mommy.
Addie: Oh...well then I better find somebody by next week.
Nana: (on phone) Addie, Aunt Shell wants to know if she can be in your wedding?
Addie: Yes, she can be my flower girl.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


mike: (annoyed) Addie, where have your manners gone today?

addie: Way up high in the sky.


Ahhhh...there are few things in life more beautiful than a good wedding. Multiple that times the fact that the bride is my gorgeous sister and you have the recipe for one amazing weekend. I love you Shell and Steve...congrats on an amazing wedding...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm pretty sure...

I'm pretty sure that the fitting room in a store is a mother's worst nightmare. You know the drill...I'm fully aware that trying on clothes with my two children is a bad idea, yet this _____ is super cute and I just have to have it but I'm not sure on the size. It will only take a minute, we'll just duck into the fitting room and...

First off, those things echo like mad and kids can feel the echo-ability before I even get undressed. Next thing I know they're both whooping and making loud noises because they can and it sounds cool.

Secondly, there are 16 mirrors in those things and despite the fact that we've never been to a funhouse, it's clearly as if we go every Friday. They're making faces and running between mirrors. I even caught them kissing the mirror once. That is disgusting on so many levels.

By now I'm nearly naked and bolting is NOT an option. I'm quickly shoving on the new _____ to ensure that it's the correct size and getting all twisted in it and am thinking, they must pipe laughing gas into this place.

No joke as soon as we emerge (me disheveled, the kids looking like they just spent an afternoon at Chuckie Cheese...) they calm down and we're on our way. It's bizarre. It can't just be my kids, right?

The irony is, I bought that dress today thinking, "I didn't really get a great look at it. I can always return it if it doesn't look good at home."

Chuckle, chuckle. When will I be able to shop like a human being again?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Wedding II

Ahhhh...don't you love a beautiful bride? My cousin Laura got married at the end of September to her beau, Brent. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Monday, October 11, 2010


So we all know that Mike's a runner. Beside that, he's not actually all that into sports. (read: not at all) Except now.

He's a golfer.

Elaine got him some lessons.

He's had one.

He's golfed three times now.

He's reading a golfing instruction book right now.

Apparently, he's informed me, I need to buy him some golfing equipment soon.
Like maybe a hat. Or shoes.

If he starts watching Sunday football, I'm not sure what I'll do!


So Michelle's big day is less than 2 weeks away. I had this hilarious dream last night. It went like this:
me: So why exactly are we at the church at 9:30am if the wedding isn't until 3:30.
shell: I didn't want to be late.
shell: I'm hungry.
me: great...listen, I have this great idea for some light sandwiches. I'll just run over to Heinens.
shell: let's walk across the parking lot in my wedding dress.
me: um, okay.
shell: so I think we should get fried bologna sandwiches
me:'re basically a vegetarian. what? I don't think that's a good "calm wedding day lunch."
me: okay. It's your day.

Friday, October 8, 2010


'Tis the season for weddings. Here's our first wedding of the fall...our favorite doctor/nurse couple on their wedding day. The reception was in the dinosaur hall at the Natural History Museum. Don & Rachel both looked gorgeous and we danced the night away! It was a blast!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Evasdropping in First Grade:

So I'm teaching class. The kids are busily working at their desk, when one of my boys yells from the back of the room. He says to my aide, "That girl up there needs to pull up her pants. I can see her butt crack."

It was true. She did need to pull up her pants. hahaha...

Secret Confessions...

(jen here)

I am 30 and totally love Enrique Iglesias's song, "I Like It."

There I said it.

If liking him is wrong, I don't want to be right.

Friday, September 17, 2010

In laws

Most people complain about their in-laws, particularly their mother-in-laws. I just want to go on the record here, and as far as I know, Jen's parents don't read our blog so this isn't for brownie points. I have the best in-laws ever. Even more than that, I owe them for a significant portion of my personality.

An example first. Jen is out of town this weekend, so I'm manning the kids this weekend. I'm totally up to the challenge, I mean I certainly won't freak out this weekend at all. I can handle two little kids. Two crazy little kids. But Linda the other night says to me, "Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we go to the Oktoberfest over at Deutche Centralle on Friday night. Dan will drive, and we can have a few beers while the kids play. Then we'll help you put the kids to bed." That is like asking, "Hey, do you want fifty bucks?"

Someone gave me a compliment the other day, and I couldn't help to pass it on to Jen's parents because basically everything I know about making people feel at home and comfortable in my house I learned from them.

Thanks guys.



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My faith has been shaken...

In the trash pickers. It is a game Jen & I play - when we put something out that might be worth a few bucks, we try to guess how long it will be until it gets trash picked. I've had many things picked up, including an old rusty bike, an old piece of aluminum fencing, and many other strange items.

However today, I am beside myself. I left an old 40 inch TV out on the curb last night, and it was still there this morning. I am at a loss for words... don't those guys know that they are part of my recycling plan? I put that stuff out there, knowing they'll take it so that I don't have to feel bad about adding a TV to the landfill.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Funny things...

1. We got a new tv this weekend. Mike's out tonight at a meeting and I can't even turn it on. Seriously.

2. In the car today Addie asked me to "please turn down the musics" on the radio because she couldn't "hear Grammy" on her Little Mermaid cell phone.

3. I was called to the rescue today when some pesky spider covered the top of Addie's slide with "spider hairs."

4. Addie told Mike today that she has a back-kack too...but her's has princesses and his doesn't.

all true stories.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So every Mom gets proud/weepy/emotional/excited/nervous on their daughter's first day of preschool right?!? Well add to that a very crazy first grade teacher Mom and you can just imagine all that was going on in our house this week. She loved her first two days of preschool. She didn't want to leave the first day and afterwards announced that the next day she was going "all by herself." A moment of pure teacher-mom bliss.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Something's in the Water...

I know lots of people who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. All of a sudden it seems they are all pregnant! Wow...most notably, of course is the arrival of our second niece or nephew. We're going to find out in two weeks if Phil & Em will have their second girl (or a boy!). Vote now under the comments section.

Our dear friend Chad & Sondra are preggo again and some secret people who haven't yet announced are preggo too! Yay! Don't worry. No babies in my belly...I have a Maui trip to plan.

Blog Drought

So it's officially the end of summer, which means that I'm back to school and the blog will start to slow down. Boo. But I just had to get a few more pics up. Here are some last glimpses of summer including a visit from our Madison friends, Alison & Ted, & their sons Ian and Patrick. You can tell they are both very shy in the sprinkler (just like their Moms). Don't forget our first ever movie night with Addie for Dora's birthday too...There's also a fun trip to the Splash Pad in Medina. (a fave free place) And, to complete the package, a shot from Memphis Kiddie Park with Daddy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


On the way home today I saw this bumper sticker:

"My border collie smarter than your honor student"

Really, really? You think a dog is smarter than a student? Hmmm...nothing against dogs, but really?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Look at me, Mommy!"

So this morning I'm in the shower and Sam's is in his jumper and Addie runs around and gets into mischief. As I'm getting out of the shower, there's Addie, beaming like the proudest girl in Ohio. "Look at me, Mommy. I got dressed allbymyself." Here's the product. It was too cute to make her change into something more...matching?!?

And yes...that's two skirts she's wearing. Why not wear two? It's so much more glamorous than one.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Day...

Our family has a thing with the 12th. Mike and I were married on the 12th...Phil and Emily were too. Addie was born on the 12th. And last week, on the 12th...Phil and Emily bought a house and Michelle got a job. I like the 12th and apparently, it likes us.


Last weekend we went to visit Michelle & Steve's new house in Cincinnati. We had a lovely time and their house is soooo cute. We went to Coney Island (a cute water park/amusement park), had delicious dinners, watched the Kings Island firewords from their backyard, met up with our Aunt & Uncle, had cocktails and enjoyed their new home! :) On the way down, Addie announced that Aunt Michelle lived in Cinci-ADDIE (while pointing to herself). Hmmm....

One of the craziest parts of the weekend was Mike taking Addie on both the Scrambler and the roller coaster.....I was terrified...she loved them both!

30? Really?

Mike and I turned 30th last month (two days apart, of course...he's older...I'm sure you could guess). We had a little par-tay to celebrate. We had a lovely time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shotty Service

A sign outside the pediatrician's office read, "Cleveland Clinic is honoring nurses....delivering world class care." Let me tell you what is NOT word-class care. I took both children (by myself) to get shots today, because I'm apparently delusional. Our normal, friendly, wonderful nurse, Donna, was off today. (Addie even has a little people nurse she named after Donna.) Donna is nice. Donna is world-class. Tuesday nurse announced, after calling our name and walking us to the exam room that both children were getting "SHOTS today, correct? We're giving SHOTS to Addison and Samuel both. I'll be administering the SHOTS." Addie is not stupid. She heard that word and immediately started giving me the fourth degree. "Who's getting a shot mommy? Am I getting a shot? I don't want a shot. Let's go now." Seriously Tuesday nurse...she's three and fully aware that SHOTS are no fun. Your care is not world-class. Your care is just plain ridiculous. Who does that? And I miss Donna.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Virginia Beach

This summer my amazing Mom and Dad rented a beach house in Virginia for us to play at for an entire week. Michelle & Steve went too and everyone even survived two small wee ones who get up very early and demand dinner at a very early hour. Thanks for an amazing trip Mom & Dad!


Sigh...I just finished a great book, Little Bee, and am hoping one of you has read it too. It was amazing all the way to the ending which was fairly vague. I'm hoping one of you has read the book and we can chat. This is too much like six seasons of Lost. I told Mike if things don't improve, I'm running straight back to teenage vampire books. again. help...j

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photoshop skills

Just a quick post to demo my photoshop skills (actually I use the gimp, but that is another story).

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Whats the difference?
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike!

My amazing hubby turns 30 today! I'm so blessed to have such a fabulous husband and loving father. Mike's so intentional in how he loves us and we are so lucky to live life with him!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Addie!

Our darling little girl turned 3 this week (what?!?) and we of course celebrated, princess-style. I asked her back this spring what type of party she would like to have and gave options like Big Bird, Dora, Zoe, or even Elmo again. But when I mentioned she could have a Cinderella party, it was a clear decision. I asked several more times over the last few months (because kids are fickle, right?) Never, ever, did a princess party even waiver. Here's the pics:

Little known birth fact...on the night my water broke, I didn't realize I'd have to go directly to the hospital. I told Mike I wanted to go get some dinner and then come back and pack. He (smartly) mentioned perhaps we should take the bag with us to dinner just in case. When we called the doctor, he said it was time to come in. Don't worry, we still stopped at Panera...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 4th!

I love July 4th...who doesn't right? We had two yummy picnics over the weekend. On the fourth we swam the day away in Mom's pool, filled up on her yummy cooking, and took Addie to see her first ever fireworks:

When I asked her what she thought of them...she said, "There so pretty to me."

Not bad for a girl's first fireworks!

(although, between you and me, I'm pretty sure the sparklers were the biggest hit!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beer can chicken

Hey all - we had a really fun party yesterday for Addie's 3rd birthday! I made beer can chicken, which was fun. I thought I'd share the recipie. I do exactly what these guys do, but add a drip pan to keep the birds from burning on the bottom.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer means...

Seeing as we're all in Cleveland depression since LeBron left us last night...I decided it was time for a diversion blog post. Mike's was was so much easier when we could care less about all things sports. Here goes:

Summer looks like: playing outside, running through sprinklers, taking Mikayla to our favorite farm for the first time, hanging out in our pj's each morning & making craft projects! Here's hoping you're enjoying summer too!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Tonight's Prayer

Addie's prayer from tonight...

"...And bless Sammy...and bless the sky so high...and the ceilings...and the walls...and your shirt"

(long pause)

"And your face"

Friday, July 2, 2010

With This Ring...

Our Community Group is usually made up of young married couples like ourselves (we are about to turn 30...does that mean we're still a young couple?) This winter we met Katie and Mike who were engaged to be married this June. Well they did and it was a perfect June day with warm weather and blue skies. Mike looked as cool as a cucumber and Katie looked stunning in her gorgeous gown. Here are the highlights:

Portland or Bust...

Last winter, Mike's Dad invited us out to Portland to see the city and visit with his family! Mike has three half-siblings in Portland: Alex, Sarah, & Andrew. So this June we took our kiddos out and had a blast. From the salmon to museums, pine forests to wine, we had a great time. Addie took to Andrew like white on rice and Sarah even watched the kiddos for a night so Bill could take us out on the town. It was a fun time! Thanks Grandpa Bill, Alex, Sarah, & Andrew! We miss you already!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red Eyes...

Ah yes...home sweet home...
We had a wonderful time in Portland. Pics to come soon once I upload them. I know I've left you hanging about the return flight. Here's the highlights:
  • Children sleep the whole time (seriously!!!!)
  • It was amazing. almost.
  • Sam woke up about 6 times screaming bloody murder but we were usually able to get him back to sleep. Except that one time when we woke up half the plane.
  • Mike and I slept a combined total of maybe 70 minutes while sitting as still as possible for fear that one slight muscle twitch might wake up our children.
  • We were exhausted but would absolutely take the redeye again if we ever fly across the continent again with 2 children under the age of 3. (chances of that: zero)
Here's to redeyes and our red eyes...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flight Highlights

We're currently in Portland, Oregon to vacation with Mike's Dad and his siblings out here! We're having a great time (despite the fact the children's wake-up time has been 4am, 5am, and 6am each day (ugh!...darn you Pacific timezone). Many of you knew I was nervous (read: terrified) about the 5 hour flight to Seattle. Here are a few highlights:
  • Addie loved the airplane (I wish we had video)..."Mommy we're up in the sky, we're up in the sky like a's tickling my belly!"
  • She refused to use the airplane bathroom because it's scary (on some level, she's right...) but held it all the way until we deplaned and used the airport bathroom
  • Sam had 3 major meltdowns (screaming and all...) during hours 2 & 3 during the flight. One time, Mike was holding Sam and this lady gave him a dirty look...he gave her one back.
  • Some ridiculous lady in front of us informed us that Sam must have an ear infection if he was crying like that...(thanks lady...I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that he's tired and can't lay down anywhere.)
  • I stood with Sam in the back stewardess area for a good 20 minutes
  • Mike takes Sam in the bathroom and calms him down...only to flush the toilet and freak him out again
  • Addie watched a gazillion movies on our DVD player we just $70 we've ever spent
  • Addie loved her airplane presents...the biggest hit was a travel LightBright
  • Finally at hour 4, Sam falls asleep for an hour or so
  • We fed addie 4 suckers (yes 4...and I don't even care)
  • We somehow balanced a breakfast of bananas and cereal with 4 people in 3 seats.
  • We landed in Seattle and breathed a huge sigh of relief....
The scariest thing is that we have a return flight on Monday...and it's a redeye. Perfect...

Blog Pressure...

I love blogs...I love my own...but I love reading other people's even more. It's my favorite way to keep up with friends near and far. My friend Sondra pressured us into starting a blog and then we made my sister start a blog. We're working on Mike's brother and his wife too! Add one more to the list...this new blog is by a new amazing couple we met this winter named Megan and Steve. Here's the site or click to the link on the right:


Friday, June 18, 2010

Aisle 6

I love shopping with my's so calm and relaxing ("don't touch that, put that down, sit down in the yelling in the we can't buy a pretzel in Target!").

One thing I do love is senior citizens and how they oogle at my kids...(except for that mean lady in Arby's who yelled at Sam). Here's the funny thing though...they all have the same joke:

Me: (minding my own business...)
Grandma or Grandpa: "Hey there..." (motioning to my kids...)
Me: (smile)
Grandma or Grandpa: "What aisle can I buy those in?" Ahhahhahahah....
Me: (chuckle) "Aisle 6"

No least 1 in every 6 stores I enter I hear that joke. Especially if they're in a shopping cart. They think the joke is even funnier then...

I guess it is... least they're not yelling...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ciao Bella....

Way back in once-upon-a-college time, I had this amazing friend named Annie. She was in our wedding, a sorority all around amazing girl. She's been living in Europe fulltime since January and her blog is really cute...a good read if you have some time... Or click on the link to the right: ABay takes Europe

Annie meets Addie...2007

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cucumber Head

Addie, being super outgoing, always makes us laugh (and frequently yell) at her antics. Our little guy Sam is slowly displaying his little sense of humor. Here's my new favorite pic:

Did I mention he also daily practices his headstands? Or yoga?

Love you my funny boy...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome summer!

Welcome to a teacher's favorite time of the year. ;) Actually I had a great year. I loved first grade and all my kiddos this year. Even the funny ones. Here are a few shots from the start of summer! Trains, swimming, cookouts, and more....

LOST finale...

So in case you missed it, Mike and I are/were huge LOST fans. We have loved the show for 6 glorious years. We even had a lost finale party:

You'll note there's a few disgruntled pics of Mike on the phone. That's because in all the world, one small pocket of Cleveland, Ohio had digital interruption and totally ruined the finale. Our friend, Pat & Leah came up from Louisville to watch with us. (grrr...) The signal was all blippy and the audio cut in and out. It was quite ironic seeing as it's quite possibly our most favorite show ever. Luckily we saw it through the blips (some people couldn't watch at all) and they replayed it a week later. It kind of made us laugh and cry and get super mad. Farewell LOST...we loved you...even with your crazy finale!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zoo field trip

So my colleagues and I took our 86 first graders to the zoo this week. It was hilarious (as is everyday in first grade...) Here are the highlights:
  • one last minute call to a parent to bring up an iron because my colleague was one shirt short for the trip
  • one teacher forgets lunch
  • birds start mating and Mrs. Medved suggest they're giving "piggy back rides"
  • one child vomits prior to the bus leaving
  • one child gets sick on the trip and has to go home mid-zoo
  • our entire class gets soaked in a 5 minute monsoon
  • one child pees pants on the way home
  • one of the teachers gets stuck in the monkey building waiting for the tram and is 10 minutes late to the bus
  • lion actually roars
  • giraffe eats right near class and displays his 12 inch black tongue
  • we all return home safely (and late and wet) and students decide the rain was the best part

I think next year we might go to the park.


In the time it took me to bring in the 300 bags from the car today (okay so like 4...) Addie had time to construct a quick art project using the glue stick and hearts we had cut previously. She's becoming quite the arteest and a pro with the glue stick. Her project would have been cute and totally photo worthy had it not been glued to a leather coaster.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Princess Breakfast

Clearly, the best thing about having a little girl than attending super girly events. This weekend, Addie and I attended a Mother/Daughter Princess breakfast. It was done by a local youth theater. The Fairy Godmother passed out chocolates and a wand (heaven?) and then the princess performed a little show. The breakfast was yummy but the photo ops were totally Addie's favorite part...


We decided to do some group bonding. (We've added 3 new couples to our bible study recently!) Instead of trust falls we decided to play a game of whirylball. Whirylball, you ask?

Imagine you're in a bumper car, without a steering wheel...and you're armed with a foot-long plastic scoop. Your objective? hit the backboard with a wiffleball one way or another. Ramming your opponents? absolutely....passing to your team? Not quite so easy...

You might think this sounds easy...let us tell will end up with a sweaty shirt when you're done. (at least mike will...)

Good thing the Winking Lizard can cure your thirst and nurse your bruised ego...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Grade....

Things I did/will do in first grade during the next 7 days:

1. take away child's toy
2. remind said child that he is not a dog and should not growl at his teacher
3. remind same child that he is not a baby and should walk around room, instead of crawling
4. take away recess and send child to office
5. prepare Mother's Day gifts for 23 darlings. Wrap 23 gifts.
6. make large mural of rainforest, jungle headbands, & butterfly puppets
7. collect spare change to buy acres of rainforest in columbia with class
8. get ready for grandparents' day with songs, poems, plays, and grandparent bingo
9. order and sign for live caterpillars that will arrive in the mail on Thursday and change into butterflies in about 14-21 days unless I mess it up and they all die
10. go back to school for two nights of fun
11. fall in bed exhausted

Thank goodness I only have 24 days of school left....but who's counting...

Friday, April 30, 2010

Funny-ish Addie

So the other day we're in Target and Addie is hanging out with Mike, Sam & the cart and I'm madly trying to rush around the store and gather everything I need before someone has a meltdown, needs to go to the bathroom, or gets hungry. If you have toddlers, you know what I mean...

So Addie is insisting on pulling the cart from the front and Mike's appeasing her to buy me time to pick up one last essential item. (probably diapers or detergent) So Addie trips and falls down in front of the cart and she yells at the top of her lungs...


It was so loud people stopped to look and there's Mike standing there with the cart and Addie on the ground looking all helpless.

It's official....we may have an actress in the house.

RIP Escort

So way back in 2000 I was attending Ohio Wesleyan University and my very astute and fabulous father bought me a used car to zip back and forth to Columbus with. I really wanted this cute red Escort but Dad took it for a drive and decided, instead, that the beige/goldish Escort was a much better deal. I was only slightly disappointed I couldn't get the red one, because, let's face it...we're desperate when it comes to first or second cars.

So I took the Escort down to Wesleyan. It took me to frat parties and on weekend trips to and from Dayton and Cleveland. Then I graduated and moved home and that car took me out to Avon each day to teach the second graders. Then I got married and drove it to and from my school in Dayton. Then I made Mike drive it for awhile. By awhile I mean 6 years. He drove it back and forth to his job in Dayton and then his job in Akron and his job at NASA. Then the poor thing kicked the bucket. We will miss you buddy, ol'pal...thanks for 10 good years of service!

And by the way...if you ever need help picking out a used car, I hear my Dad's available. You might not get the cool red one, but you might just get a steal of a deal...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam!

So Sam and I took the day off today to celebrate his Happy First Birthday! I thought you might like to see our little boy's first year. We love you buddy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New blog...

So my friend Megan is beautiful. She's about to have her second baby. She teaches first grade too. I wish that we could teach together. She lives in Columbus with her beautiful son and hilarious hubby Jeremy. She's about to have her second baby (I think it's a boy...) and she doesn't send me nearly enough pictures of her family. I like pictures. She's like me in all the important ways but unlike me in other ways. She loves creepy, exotic food I wouldn't dare try. She loves hiking (she's been up the Himalayas!)and she knows tons of things about farming, organic foods, home improvement, and raising animals. She's a lifelong friend...and those are good to have.

Her sister is just as cool and unique and she started a new blog I thought you might like. It's totally creative and the writing is far better than anything you might read here. :)

Besides, every now and then I catch a picture of Megs and her family in Kelly's blog.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sam's First Bday!

We had Sam's first birthday party this week, even though it isn't until the 29th. Here are some picture highlights.

We found that he thoroughly enjoys balloons!

Router reboot/pics

So if you check this blog out semi-frequently, you probably are here mostly for pics of the kids... for a couple of months the router has been broken, making it very painful to upload pictures. Jen made me buy a new one so that.... we'll you don't really care except that I promise there will be lots more pics of the kids!

Jen says most of you don't even know what a router is... pssshhh.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creature RIP

Well, our poor creature has left this world for the next. Jim, the Cage-Man, looked in the attic and found one dead squirrel. Poor stupid thing couldn't figure out how to get back out of the attic he broke into. So he's dead and hopefully the roof is animal proof now. We'll see if we have to pay the $50 additional animal trap fee. What a racket....$100 house visit plus $50 per animal they $145 to fix the hole. If teaching doesn't work, I might open an animal business. Or not.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

No gas, and I can't pay.

I don't think that all experiences in our life that seem weird are necessarily God telling us something via metaphor, but today was an exception.

I've been feeling like I've been running on E spiritually lately, like I've just lost that connection with Jesus that enables me to live out of his heart. So I've been frustrated, selfish, and just a bit ill at ease. That servant-leader thing just hasn't been happening, and if it has it is through gritted teeth.

Tonight I took the cardboard (an overflowing pile of it) to the recycling and so I got a few minutes to do "some business with God" in Christianspeak. I had some time to just tell him about my troubled heart and restlessness inside, and when I saw the gas light came on I thought I'd stop and fill Jen's car with gas for her.

When I got to the station, ready to do a good deed for my wife, I found I didn't have my money clip with me, which means I couldn't pay to fill up the car. It struck me that is sort of where I am at spiritually right now - on E and my wallet is empty. I can't pay to fill it up... there is nothing I have I can give to get what I need. I think this is a good place to be because it reminded me that spiritual peace and power is a gift from the Lord that I don't deserve, I can't buy, and nothing I can do can fill that tank.

Just a story.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Creature...No Feature...

So this is not going at all how I had planned. First of all...there's still nothing in the trap. Secondly, I have heard creatures (more than once in our walls....yes...not our attic...our walls...downstairs on our main floor.)...yet I have not heard that big creature in the attic. Did he leave the attic prior to the cage being set up? Is he hibernating? Is he smart enough to know there's a trap out there? Or even worse...Is he dead up there? Will I ever know? Am I going nuts? I'm calling Jim tomorrow. He better deliver on an animal....and soon....

Friday, April 9, 2010

Creature Update

Jim stopped by this morning. Apparently Jim does not go in the attic where the scratchy, noisy animal is. Apparently Jim just puts a cage on our roof and now we have to wait for said animal to evacuate our attic. Apparently the animal will come out, says Jim. Jim thinks it's a raccoon or maybe a squirrel. Or maybe both...although, he said, usuallly raccoons would eat the squirrels. That's disgusting. There better be no one eating squirrels in my attic.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello, Is this Cages by Jim?

So there's something in our attic. An animal. I'm pretty sure it's been there all day and last night. I think it's something least a squirrel or a raccoon.

I was hoping that it was an animal playing in our gutters...a quick evaluation from the backyard determined indeed the varmint is inside our home. It scratches and makes creepy chirpy noises.

Mike thinks it's Claire's squirrel baby from LOST.

I called Cages by Jim. Our animal control department recommends them. Jim is coming tomorrow morning. With his cages.

And leaving with that creepy thing in my attic...I hope.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bad Sushi

Most profound blog post in a long time...

We must warn you about Sakura in Strongsville. The sushi sucks real bad. Don't get it it... it was more expensive and the most tasteless thing we've ever eaten. Even the fried rice sucked.

Go to Tomo instead... we will never leave Tomo's side again!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nake--ee by Jen (and Addie)

So Addie always says she's "nakee" when she takes off her clothes before bathtime. Yesterday I was in the dressing room of our local Dillards trying on a potential bridesmaid dress for my darling sister's wedding. I was in a hurry because I had two monsters in the dressing room with me (read: addie and sam) and I was stripping down rather quickly to try the dresses on...I looked over after a few seconds to realize that Addie, too, is taking her clothes off and saying, "Me too a dress too!"

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Book Recommendation...

(Jen here...)
So I just finished reading a great book entitled Blue Like Playdoh (a take off on D. Miller's Blue Like Jazz...another one of my favs). The book is subtitled "the shape of motherhood in the grip of God." It was a really honest read about being a mom and all that God aims to teach us through that experience. It's funny and easy and totally accessible. I laughed a bunch and learned a lot. I think you'll love it. So to all my friends who are Mommies or soon-to-be Mommies...a must read! :)

First Grade Schedule

Things I did this week in first grade:
1. made paperbag leprechaun puppets
2. painted a giant sun
3. hosted the "line dancing room" in family game night and did the chicken dance and electric slide all night long

Next week...
1. Grow grass
2. Cook marshmallows using the sun
3. Set up St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt
4. Make green ice cubes

I love my job. :)

Engagement Par-tay

Mike and I spend a lovely (thanks Elaine!) Saturday and Sunday in Columbus to attend Michelle's engagement party! It was super fun...we loved meeting the rest of the wedding party and some of Steve's friends. The theme was Hawaiian (of course) and we loved our time at Whitney's house. Bring on the wedding fun!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day Drought...

So I haven't had a single snow day. All year. My friend Alison says the real world doesn't have snow days. My sister says that I should just remember my fabulous summer vacation. I say, that if I have to tie shoes and distribute tissues and say things like, "Let's see if we can be as quiet as mice in the hallway," then I deserve a snow day. I don't deserve it...but I'd still like one (just one) this year. I think I'm going to move to Sunbury. My friend Megan has had like 15 snow days. There's a big snow storm coming tomorrow. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Hello, real world. I don't like you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sammy- 9 mos....

Look at those baby blues. God winked down at me when he blessed this brown-eyed girl with two blue eyed babes. Sam is crawling and pulling up all the time. He just recently started repeating "mamama" or "dada" and he loves the cats...and his big sister. You'll also see the evidence of his first "mischief." He unloaded half a box of wipes before we stopped him. There's even a shot of his first visit to the rainforest! Enjoy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Bunny

Addie has been pretty sick for most of this winter when snow has been available to have some fun. Tonight, though, we were able to head outside and play!

What do you do when your daughter says to you "Shovel, daddy! I want shovel." Obviously you have your wife procure a ladel as the next best thing.

Jen rewarded us both with some hot chocolate... how awesome!


So when you have two kids in the tub of different genders, the older one will figure this fact out and ask your about it. Addie knows that she has a vah-jay-jay (thanks Oprah), and now she knows that boys have peanuts. At least that is what it sounds like when she says it.

The other day she was listing all of the people that she knows who "have peanuts"...

Oh boy...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

her first joke...

So the other night I was putting addie to bed and she was procrastinating going to sleep (shocking). I was trying to teach her how to (more accurately) brush her teeth. {side note: I can teach kids to read and write and add...brushing your teeth is surprisingly tricky} I was showing her with my finger how you brush "way in the back" on your molars. She was watching me and she stopped and got a little smirk. She took her toothbrush out of her mouth and reached around her body and brushed her actual back. She started laughing and said, "I brush my back, Mama..."


Friday, January 22, 2010

Discount Drug Mart

So I went into Discount Drug Mart earlier this week to get some suede spray for my new boots (they're adorable, btw) and while I was in there I was struck by the near ridiculousness of that store. They have EVERYTHING in that store. In one sweep through the store I saw the following: mens' Valentine boxers, false eyelashes, a sewing machine, car parts, paintable plastic car models, birdseed, eyepatches, milk, a dog cage, wigs, and a holiday Barbie! All the poor employees were wearing smocks and their mean age was 73. I'm pretty sure it was a mix of moth balls, licorice, and cheese puffs that filled the air. A trip into that store was like a step back in time. I'm pretty sure it looked the same in 1961. I'm just saying...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas at a Glimpse...

We had a wonderful holiday this year. Addie's excitement was contagious! Here's a few fav shots...

Evasdropping in First Grade

So each week we have a guest reader come in and read a story to the students. This week one of my Chinese student's mother came in. She was sweet and talking to the kids before she began her story when two of students called out rather loudly, "So that's what a Chinese woman talks like." (and not to be outdone...) "Didn't I see you in the Chinese jump rope video we saw in gym?"

I wanted to melt into the carpet and die. Someone save me...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Addie Firsts

Addie had two firsts last night.

1. Someone complimented her on being SOOOOO well behaved. It doesn't hurt that there were some noisy kids and Addie was happily munching her chicken wings.

2. Addie asked me for money. We told her she could look at the bears in the machine when she was done eating (one of those claw machines). She comes running back and says "Money, Daddy give me some money. Money for machine." I held strong and told her not today. Well actually, I gave her a dollar and we lost it to the evil claw machine.