Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vandal on the loose

If you know anything about the recurring incidents of vandalism occuring in our second floor bathroom, please report them for a hefty reward.

Security cameras have managed to catch a fleeting image of the transgressor.


Dana Marie said...

haha, this is awesome! what a little artist you have!! did you get it all off? yikes.

Mike Medved said...

Thankfully, the vandal chose to use washable crayon which is apparently intended to be easily removable. Curious.

Mike Medved said...

Jen here...actually they are bath crayons...thanks to our cousins Bill and Nicole who gave them to addie as Christmas gifts. Addie and I had a big talk about how they only go in the bath after I caught her coloring on the door and the rocker in the nursery. They come right off and I recommend them if you're brave.