Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So every few years I come across the perfect girl book...a few years ago was Captivating. I loved the book...still do. I recently finished All I Need is Jesus and a Good Pair of Jeans. Love, love, loved it. It's humorous and true and honest and spoke right to my heart. It's a perfect summer read...not too brainy and with lovely short chapters you can read before you hit the pillow after running around all day after a toddler and an infant. You can check out her blog too...it'll give you an idea of her style. I added it to my fav blogs list on the left (confessions of a tired supergirl). As a teacher I feel it's my civic duty to promote literacy...happy reading.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vandal on the loose

If you know anything about the recurring incidents of vandalism occuring in our second floor bathroom, please report them for a hefty reward.

Security cameras have managed to catch a fleeting image of the transgressor.


I can't tell you how awesome it is when you wake up on a Friday morning, ready to go to work, and see a little bag on the counter with your name on it. After getting over the panic (what occasion did I just forget?), I opened it and read the card. An early Father's Day gift! It turned out to be tickets to O.A.R. at Nautica that same day! Wow, the day suddenly became much sweeter. The best part was that I had no idea - she had managed to keep it a surprise from me for weeks.

After an excellent dinner and some brew at Rockbottom Brewing, we hit it out to the show!

BTW, that IS Ziggy Marley and the Wailers in the background, the opening act. Not bad, but a little sad - like seeing Mick Jagger or something.

Here is an O.A.R. shot-

Excellent night, great Father's Day night out!