Monday, February 16, 2009

Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

Ok, this is going to sound a bit loopy, but go with me. Have you ever had a moment when you're by yourself doing something (like taking out the trash) and the thought pops in your head, "What if the whole thing just came tumbling down?" And by the whole thing you mean the American Way of life - no electricity, no water, no government. And then you think about how you don't know how to farm, hunt, fish, make a candle, fix your clothes, etc. You think about how you go to the grocery store and pull a banana off the shelf without thinking twice about how it got there, who grew it it, etc.

"Well", you think (if you are me), "I did get my wilderness survival merit badge when I was a Boy Scout." Then you laugh at yourself for 30 seconds because that is basically the dumbest thing you've ever thought. So you can build a little hut out of pine needles and a tarp in the woods? Big deal - they didn't teach you how to grow your own food or butcher a pig... how to provide for yourself let alone a family.

Then you start getting defensive with yourself - "But wait, I have valuable skills". Sure, you're a well compensated software engineer, but that doesn't mean crap if people are trying to survive and the best thing a computer can do for you is be a stool to sit on. You realize that all of your engineering skills would be totally worthless if it all came tumbling down.

"But I'm a leader!" Dont make me laugh, bub. That is what all the lifelong mid-level managers are going to be crying - "Follow me, I'll make us a plan on Project on how to get out of this mess!" while everyone else is looting the nearest REI.

I think I need to learn how to hunt. Or may be relearn how to fish - Jesus likes fishermen, right?

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Kelly said...

Mike I love you. This was hilarious, but also kind of scary. If by chance you want to learn how to hunt, take John along, he's been dying to learn how to hunt...right now bears are his primary focus. Hahaha.

P.S. i really liked the part about the wilderness badge.