Friday, January 30, 2009


Wow, talk about the coolest thing ever. Check out - it is a streaming audio website that essentially allows you to build a customized radio station. You can put in artists and songs that you like and it will play tunes that are similar. While they play songs, you can push a thumbs up or thumbs down button and it will continue to try to revamp the types of music you hear. I've been hearing a bunch of sweet Christian tunes I've never heard but are close to the kind of music I like. No commercials or anything... and if you make a login, you can get to your station anywhere you've got a puter.


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Kelly said...

mike i don't want to tease you, but this is kinda like the charlie the unicorn thing...i can't believe you're just learning about glorious Pandora! regardless I'm glad your enjoying it!