Friday, January 2, 2009

Confessions of a Drive-Thru Mom

So I have an addiction to fountain Coke. It's just so superior to Coke out of a can and so occasionally I pop through a drive thru (why don't we spell it 'through'?) and pick up a fountain beverage. And occasionally (insert nasty nutritional comments here...) I'll pick up lunch for Addie and me if we're on the go. I generally order her chicken nuggets which she has so termed "nuggies." The only problem is now, when I just drive through for a pop she's yelling from the backseat "nuggie, nuggie, nuggies." Don't worry...I don't cave in and buy here the slightly unhealthy treat if it's not lunchtime...however, this tells me that I go through the drive thru way too often. Nuggies, nuggies, nuggies...ooops....pretty sure 'real' moms would be serving beansprouts and humus and not nuggies.

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Mike Medved said...

Hey, at least we get her the apple fries w/ the nugs!