Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wicked sweet theology stuff

Word - just wanted to throw some free theology links atcha. Dan Anthony pointed Dustin & I to this program (The Theology Program) - I've watched a couple hours of video from these guys. It is pretty good stuff! Lets pretend you don't have the time to bust through a hundred pages of Wayne Grudem (Systematic Theology), or you don't like to read (gasp!), or you just want it playing while you work/exercise/whateva... this media is like a condensed, conversational Systematic Theology.

You can download all the videos/mp3s here:


(You may need to create a free login).

You can also hook this up for free on your iPod! Here is the link:


Mad props to these guys for equipping the masses with knowledge. Side note: if you end up using it a fair amount, I suggest a donation to the site - they've got to pay for the bandwidth/hosting.

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