Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thermostat wars

Dude... every afternoon between 2 and 3 o'clock the temperature in my cube approaches 80 degrees. From when I get in until then it is usually just fine, but every day at this time I start getting all hot and sweaty because some fool in my office feels the need to change the thermostat. It was set at 77 this afternoon!

How are we to resolve such office conflicts as appropriate temperature settings? The lady in the cube next to me says she is freezing and has a little heater by her feet. I think I'm going to hack the thermostats and monitor the temp settings...

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George said...

Hey dude, I have a solution. Have your boss purchase a "honeywell vision pro" thermostat. I installed 5 of these in my house because my mom likes 69 in winter and 75 in summer and I like 71 in winter and 66 in summer. Yes, I have a huge house... I figured out how to hack the thermostat. It is a piece of cake.

Press system for 1 second.

Hold down buttons 3 and 5 for 6 seconds

Set the combination of the numbers on the left hand side to 700

On the right side you can adjust the numbers from a scale of -6 to +6. This makes the thermostat say the room is hotter or cooler than it is. Ex: I want 70. It is set to 69. Set numbers to -1. Its that simple.

Press "Done" when you are finished. HAVE FUN! Keep this a secret