Monday, December 22, 2008

The Parenthood/God connection

Interestingly, I've found that now that I am a dad, I start understand some of those fathering metaphors in the Bible better. (insert DUH here) It is weird - you can "know" these stories, but I don't think you can really actually "get it" until you are there.

For example, right now our daughter is sick... she keeps coughing so hard that she actually barfs (nasty, I know). We've got the medicine to help her get better (antibiotics for the sinus infection), but she doesn't want it - she spits it out all over the place.

God is kind of like that with us, I think. We're sick - if I'm really honest with myself, I can see my illness (pride, greed, lust, etc). He has medicine for us, in the form of a savior, Jesus. Jesus is the medicine, or as C.S. Lewis puts it, the good infection. Sometimes, though, the medicine doesn't taste good, so we spit it out. We're like that with Christ... he may tell us that we have to give up some things, do other things (which take time away from our busy lives), talk to some people and not others, etc and we just get the point where we are like "No! This doesn't taste good. I don't care if it will make me better!" My daughter makes me so mad when she spits out the medicine - I think maybe in some small part it is because it echos my own defiance against the good things the Lord is trying to do in my life which sometimes taste bad.

The metaphor breaks down after here (hiding medicine in yogurt is equal to what spiritually?), so I'll call it quits. Look for more Daddy/Kid/God connection posts as they happen!

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