Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lake Erie Nature & Science Center

So Jen, Addie and I went to the Nature Center in Bay Village. It is totally sweet and totally free (OK, you've got to pitch 5 bucks in the box, but it is worth it). Below are some sweet shots of the trip.

Here are Baby A and I playing on sides of a huge old tree.

Addison likes ducks, fo sho.

Pretty girls!

These guys will totally bite your face off. Actually, all the animals (mostly birds) are ones that are/were injured and wouldn't have survived in the wild. So we get to check 'em out. At one point, they were feeding the hawks, owls, and bald eagle by throwing piles of fuzzy yellow dead chicks in their cages. It was sort of weird watching them tear the cute chicks apart, but hey, that is life at the Nature Center, right?

Addie had no problems jumping right in and tasting the local delicacies, including dirt, sticks, leaves, and acorns.

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