Monday, August 25, 2008

We miss you already!

Best wishes to our beautiful sister off to college at Malone. We helped move Kelly in last week. We're so excited for her college experience. Make us proud Kel!
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My best friend Alison's son, Ian, was calling a ball a "baaaa" last spring when we saw them and it didn't take too long for miss Addie to jump right on the vocabulary band wagon. Pretty much anything round constitues as a "baaaaa." This includes apples or melons at the grocery store too. This purple ball is just as big as she is and she loves it. She has a pink princess ball and the ever-popular red whiffle ball. Highly entertaining--for Addie too.
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Outside Fun

Grandma Ponstingle got Addie this fun camping chair...she's already figured out how to get up on it by herself and seems to be quite relaxed. Grandma Kubiak got her that spiffy trike that she has can make go backwards, not forwards yet. So cute... Okay so the third shot is not outside, but aren't those jammies cute.?..Addie can navigate up and down that step into the family room and kitchen quite easily. She scoots on her butt to the edge and then stands up....Swinging with Mom one last day before school starts. Ah...the magic of summer break. j

Monday, August 11, 2008

Salon Bella Vie

Addison really enjoyed her first haircut... the same way she enjoys getting her nails clipped and doing faceplants on various objects in our house. With every snip of the scissors, it was like we were cutting off one of her fingers of toes. Man, she was pissed!

One question - can I hold on to this burning hatred of going to the Salon for when she is 15? I mean seriously, right now it would cost five bucks to get her hair cut. If she takes after mommy, daddy is going to have to sweep up hair clippings to foot the bill!

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Thats right, remember how much you hate the salon!


Congrats to my cousin Meredith on her wedding!

Your wedding was beautiful!


Our county fair was this past week and on Saturday we took the opportunity to take Addie to her first fair! Pictured below you'll see cute animals and Addie...what you won't see pictured is all the junk-food eaten while we were there. As a sort of confession here goes: gyro, pizza, cheese on a stick, french fries, soda, and a funnel cake. Ouch. I have heartburn just thinking about it again...j
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Addie's Big Party

We celebrated Addie's birthday last weekend with some family and friends. She ate her first piece of cake (she got it in her hair too--see below!) and got some new fun toys. She practiced her killer smile, patented "hiiiiiiii," and new step up-step down walking skills out on the deck at her party. We all had a great time! Happy birthday baby!

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