Friday, July 18, 2008

Florida vacation - Airplane ride

So we just got back from our trip in Florida, which was of course totally awesome. It did have some ups and downs, however.

First off, doing the travelling one year old thing is "interesting". And by interesting I mean totally not fun. Not that Addie was bad, she was actually pretty good... but there is just something about not wanting to be "those parents" with the screaming kid that keeps you on edge. Addison did well, spending most of her time looking over the seat to the people behind us, playing with the 3000 toys we brought, and eating. She did sleep, however, within the last 20 minutes of each flight (on the way home she crashed literally as we were taxiing). Here are some fun pics:

Sleeping on descent into Florida.

Thank the sweet Lord we had an extra seat both ways. It would have been totally lame for the person sitting with us... although they could play with the kiddy remote.

Sleeping as we taxi to the gate at Cleveland.

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