Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being a Mom

We have several friends and family members (who shall remain nameless) pregnant and getting ready to delve, for the first time, into parenthood. I have one thing to tell you. Your days of sleeping in over summer vacation (if you even get a summer vacation) or on the weekends will soon be over. I currently measure "sleeping in" if Addie sleeps until 7:15. It doesn't matter if it's your birthday. She doesn't know. She wants up. Luckily, there's just about one thing worth getting up for in the morning...that smile... and maybe a big cup of coffee.

p.s. that outfit Addie's wearing~my Mom sewed for me when I was little~
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Addie's First Birthday!

Addie turned one on July 12th! We were in Florida and the lady dined on her first delicious cupcake. It was a hit, as you'll see below. We snuck out for our anniversary and left Gram and Gramp to put Addie to bed. We figured for the next 17+ years, we'll be celebrating Addie's birthday on the 12th so we decided to take advantage this year... We'll be celebrating with the rest of the family next weekend! Happy Birthday girlie!

Our Vacation

Now onto the trip...This year we had a wonderful opportunity to visit Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island. We went with my parents and shared a condo near the beach. Addie was a champ at the beach and only ate a few fistfuls of sand. The water was super warm and really pretty calm. All in all, Sanibel and Ft. Myers is much less touristy and much more tropical than other parts of Florida we've vacationed. Not to mention the abudance of shells and great seafood. We definitely recommend this fun vacation spot...

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Florida vacation - Airplane ride

So we just got back from our trip in Florida, which was of course totally awesome. It did have some ups and downs, however.

First off, doing the travelling one year old thing is "interesting". And by interesting I mean totally not fun. Not that Addie was bad, she was actually pretty good... but there is just something about not wanting to be "those parents" with the screaming kid that keeps you on edge. Addison did well, spending most of her time looking over the seat to the people behind us, playing with the 3000 toys we brought, and eating. She did sleep, however, within the last 20 minutes of each flight (on the way home she crashed literally as we were taxiing). Here are some fun pics:

Sleeping on descent into Florida.

Thank the sweet Lord we had an extra seat both ways. It would have been totally lame for the person sitting with us... although they could play with the kiddy remote.

Sleeping as we taxi to the gate at Cleveland.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pool time fun

Addison got to enjoy her first time in the pool. She was a bit wierded out at first, but got used to the water and really enjoyed it.

She loved grandma & grandpa's pool so much that we got her a minature version for our house.

Zoo Trip

So we took a trip to the zoo with Miss A. Addie had a great time checking out all the fun animals, including the exotic Ohio tree squirrel. Here are some fun pics of the event.

You can see more pics on the picasa site when you click one of the above! Jen's favorite animal of the day: zebra. Mike's favorite animal of the day: giraffe.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

So begins the greatest and best blog ever

So we decided to start a "blog" to share with our distant family and friends. It's hard being so far from some of our family and college friends that we thought this might be a fun, albeit dorky, way to start.