Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Storytime Dropout

Jen here...Being a hyper-teacher-Mom, I decided to sign Addie and I up for baby storytime this summer at the library to give us something to do. It was pretty cute--songs, rhymes, a quick story. At first all the babies and Moms sit on the carpet and all the other babies are sitting in their Moms' laps nicely. Addie? Not so much. Addie's pretty much doing everything but sitting. She's crawling to the carpet circles, pulling up on the stereo, checking out the puppets. When I pick her up to return to our appropriate "circle space" she screams at the top of her lungs. The librarian looks at me longingly and assures me that her child did the same thing and to come back again soon. We left after 5 minutes. Addie is a story time dropout. As a teacher, I'm especially proud.

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Ms. Lyssa said...

My godson was a storytime drop out too at that age. He rather get throw the books than sit and listen. Your blog is cute!