Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kids' Night Out

We, finally, six years later have developed a plan to get out with all of our kiddos this summer one at a time!
Sam was up first...his pick...Chinese, of course, a stop at the book store, and then Jurassic World at the movies.
It was so fun to be with our little buddy all on his own.
An update:
Sam wants to be an author when he grows up...
the best part of being a brother is his has advantages the girls don't he doesn't have to do his hair...and he likes to play with the girls...
Disadvantage...there can be a LOT of sisters around him sometimes.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Summer Sampling

Summer is nearly half over (tears!)
So here's a few casual shots that show what we've been up to...
Every now and then I catch Sam reading to the little girls and it 

Don and Mike hit the last finals know...before Lebron let us.
As Olivia says...
"I knew I couldn't trust that Lebron...him in that beard."
whomp, whomp

We snuck out for a date night at Avon Brewing
So yummy!

We went to Little Italy and the Botanical Gardens.
Home of the restaurant where Eliza (despite Mommy's doubts)
finished a whole bowl of Italian Wedding Soup just like she said she would.

Aunt Kelly came to visit and we got my nieces and nephews for two nights!

Bailey's been making some more appearances now that the twins are *slightly* calmer around her.

Mike and G.Rob went touring some local breweries!

And that was all before our CA vacation.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

River Fun

Mike's Aunt and Uncle live on the most beautiful piece of the Chargrin River
It's so stunning!
We headed up there earlier this summer.
Liv and Great-Grandma

So fun!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Piano Recital

Our sweet big girl was in her 3rd Piano Recital! 
She did so well!
It's amazing to see how far she's come.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

End of School

The kids all had great school years.  They actually all finished up at their schools and will be moving to three new schools next year: primary, intermediate, and middle.

Kindergarten was full of adjustments and getting used to "not being with Mommy" for Liv.  
(aka...not being with Miss Lori either)
They often talked about the 'golden days' of preschool but as the year progressed they got used to new routine.  They had outstanding teachers with different styles, but ironically each perfectly matched the twins...Liv's was more nurturing and Ellie's was hilarious, just like her.
Addie's year was filled with ups and downs  as far as her academic interests went.  She had a great LA teacher who, on his own time, let Addie and her friends organize and perform a Harry Potter play.  He even edited it over the summer.  I'll post it here soon.

Sam ended primary school with a spectacular third grade teacher. He loved his year and even prayed, on the last night of school, that his next school would be as great as his primary school.
Me too, buddy, me too.
He also won the class pet for the whole summer.
It was the best day of his life.
Here's Add on her last day being awarded her Smartie Pants certificate for straight A's all year.
She worked hard and monitored those grades so carefully.  We're super proud.

This was Sam on his final day picnic.
Mom got to sneak out of work for these moments which was a huge PERK because they were on the same day! 
One more year in the books.
Mommy was ready for summer too.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Wax Museum

In third grade, our school does a Wax Museum where the students dress up as a famous person.
Sam chose Rick Riordan, his favorite author.  
He stood frozen and when you pressed his button he came to life and told you about himself.
I love this project....
Even Dad got into the action...

Sam REALLY loved playing the part...he even scolded me when I called him Sam instead of Rick!
Nicely done buddy....

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Recital Fans & Videos

All the girls!

Nana...she's pretty much the queen of dance recitals.  She's been to the most recitals ever.

Miss Lori and Mr. Chuck came too!
That was super exciting!

Dad and the girls!

Because he's a great brother...big and little...
he came too!
And, the videos: